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Alma concept

        The food we prepare aims at transmitting an array of feelings we wouldn't be able to share otherwise. We truly believe emotional messages are sent out and received via food. 

        A compelling story is created through food: it is all about caring for others, protecting them with healthy food, sharing moments and flavours... 

This is the way we understand cooking, and for this reason, we put so much effort, love, detail and care in it. It is about hospitality, about our memories...

We place our soul ("alma" in Spanish), and hopes in every plate we elaborate. 


        Our creations are a subtle way to communicate, with no need for words. 

        A menu made with care and served with delicacy not only as a sign of respect but also love, a reference to that maternal world where to please someone through patience and dedication. 

The taste, just like the smell, are senses that could seem ethereal, but they actually stay within our memory. 

        We remember the taste of that sweet we used to eat as a child, that dish our parents used to make. Those special moments where a meal makes a difference and makes us feel special. 

Our goal is to reflect who we are in our menus, with a view to make you feel special.

Our cuisine builds up an intimate link which strengthens over time. Around a communal table we offer more than a simple tasting menu. 

We intend to set up links with our memories and create links with and between our guests. 


        We don't understand cuisine in a traditional way. Instead, through techniques learnt at well known culinary schools such as Le Cordon Bleu and the Basque Culinary Center, we express and share our story with you

Anne-Claire & Jose

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