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New beginning !

After a tough year with ups and downs, we come back with renewed energy and ideas, hoping to offer you a unique experience with this new project.This time, we are moving towards a more intimate concept, in which we expect you to be an integrated part. We will continue offering dishes that reflect important moments of our lives and represent who we are through this unique food experience.The use of a communal table aims at reminding us those moments with our family and beloved, where all important topics were always discussed around a big table full of food and drinks...

The menu mirrors our reinterpretation of those classic dishes, by giving them a modern touch and a better visual aspect. You won't find very orthodox dishes. We love playing with our memories, with our experiences, but still making sure flavours are there. While we are working on lots of new dishes, we will stay true to some of our classics, even if some might be tweaked.

We wanted to announce as well, that we are now offering new services as private chef, catering for special events, with a wide range of options from small bites to a proper tasting menu in your house, or a different afternoon tea.

We are very hopeful to see you again soon. Check the dates of our next events to see if you can be part of this new beginning.


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